Meet Felix...

This sweet guy is like a dog in a cats body. He loves to play fetch if he knows his human is up for the challenge. .Felix does come when called but we are not sure if he knows his name or just knows when he is called it's time for tons of snuggles, belly rubs and head bumps and he enjoys them all..

He has a human that really offers him lots of attention and she has whispered to him on numerous occasions that he is her favorite and is doing her best to find him a home..

Felix gets very happy when he knows he is getting treats and his tail gets swinging and he starts to purr and make little chirps..he is just so cute..this handsome guy is approximately 4 1/2 years old as of February of 2016 and has been with us since 2012..he is a great cat who enjoys lot's attention.

Lets get this sweet little man a home to call his own..

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