Meet DAISY...

*Courtesy Posting - DAISY is NOT at Little Shelter*

See below for contact information.

Hi - I'm Daisy I'm a 6 or 7 year old dog. My owner passed away last month and I'm looking for a new home.
I am housebroken spayed and up to date on all my shots/vaccinations. My last vet checkup was Nov 3 with no health issues and my blood test was good.
The Vet believes I am part German Shepherd because of the look of my coat, he also said I have an Akita face, and my tongue has part purple like a Chow, although I'm much smaller than each of those breeds. I weigh 35 lbs

I'm active and play with my former owner's son's two dogs who both just turned 3 in the summer.

I get along with other dogs and children when the introduction is supervised for a few minutes until we're used to each other. I never have been around cats.

If you're interested please all Paul at 917-731-9515